What is your story?

What are the things (people, places, events) that are most important to you?

Working with Us

Wealthcare’s planning and investment process focuses on your financial journey and on those elements that you can control. Instead of a mere inventory of assets our reporting shows you the value of your assets in relation to your unique life goals. And we recommend how you may have confidence in achieving those goals. This is not a story of the financial markets or of economic predictions – this is your story.

Our sole compensation is from our clients. We do not receive commissions of any kind. We charge a quarterly fee based on investable assets. For my clients, this fee typically starts at 1.35% per annum of assets and declines as assets increase above $500,000.

What you receive from us is a process focused on reaching your unique personal goals. It is a process that helps answer important questions about your future given the uncertainties of today. Beyond the technical aspects of our process you receive objective, independent advice on all aspects of your financial life.

Unlike many financial plans available in our industry, our planning process is not a one-time static plan. It is not a plan that sits on a shelf waiting for a future event or future date; like an estate plan might. It is an evolving roadmap that accounts for the inherent instability of the financial markets. It is a process that recommends corrections as your life or markets change.

Financial Guidance for Life

Jim Mirenda, CFP®


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