We empower you to make the best decisions for your family today, while embracing the reality that the future is uncertain.


Wealthcare Capital Management LLC is an independent Registered Investment Advisory firm dedicated to the mission of assisting each client in making the most of their one life.

Our philosophy is simple, but it is unique to our industry:

  • Avoid unnecessary investment risk and needless sacrifice to one's life
  • Control what is controllable
  • Measure the uncertainty of that which is uncontrollable

Fees, cash flows, risk exposure and your choices about your life goals are all controllable. Financial markets are not. No one knows where the markets are heading, and anyone who suggests otherwise is misleading you.


Our Premises About Risk

Investors should only take as much risk
as is necessary to achieve their financial goals and should not take unnecessary risks simply because higher risks are “tolerable.”

Our Premises About Return

There is only one measure of investment success that matters, and that is investors achieving their most important financial goals.

Our Premises About Monitoring

Past performance already happened, cannot be changed, and isn’t an indication of future results. Therefore, monitoring progress means looking forward to understanding whether goals are likely to be met.

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Jim Mirenda, CFP®


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